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Paying for that memorable trip with that special somone just became possible.

Welcome to Exclusive Financial Services, sponsored by Jamaica Health Tips Online ( We are a small organisation that understands that times are tough, and we would like to help fellow Jamaicans who who need some assistance until their next payday. 

What currency funds are supplied?

Financial assistance is only offered in Jamaican dollars. As the community grows this may change in the future. 

What is the interest rate E.F.S?

The standard interest rate for all transactions is only 10% per week which is much lower than traditional lending institutions.

Need some cash until payday?

Get the extra cash you need to get some groceries and other items until payday.

Times can be tough, that's why I love Exclusive Financial Services.

In this tough economy things can get very hard, and I feel very good to know that I am apart of an exclusive community that has access to funds at a very low interest rate to help me out until the next payday. The convenience of not having to jump through the hoops normally found at traditional banks is amazing. Now I can continue with life and leave the stress behind. 

Our blog is now live!!

As our community grows we understand the importance to sharing information to help Jamaicans better manage their money. Please ensure you read our current blogs to learn tips and tricks from experts that will better help you to effectively organize you money. Click Here to visit our blog page.

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